I have been working with Kelly Stephan since November 2015. Since day one, she has been an open and honest person with my genuine best interest at heart. I had a unique situation; I was in a 60-80 hr/week graduate school program requiring 30 weeks of out of town rotations. Not only did Kelly and her staff communicate with me wonderfully through email, they did their best to take on the majority of the work and allowed me to pursue my dreams with minimal distraction.

The entire staff at the firm is pleasant, understanding, and very client oriented. They have been there for me in good days and bad. Kelly has become such a significant part of my life. I could not help but rush to thank her from the bottom of my heart when I received my masters degree and passed my board exam. It would not have been possible without her care and dedication, not only to my case, but to me as a person!

Several others look at clients as cases or case numbers, but they look at clients as people first! That is why I would recommend her services to anyone and everyone facing the same difficult divorce situation I was. Kelly would respond to my emails frequently outside of her “business hours” just to answer a question or put my mind at ease. She is a wonderful attorney and has a great bright future ahead serving her clients. 

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