Amy is a hero for our family. We had a foster child who was taken from his birth family three times and placed into our care each time. Each time he was more traumatized by the experiences. When Amy became the GAL for our foster son she met with our child and us. She listened to him express his desire to be adopted. She fought for his well being in court for three years to ensure his safety. Due to Amy’s perseverance, he never went back to his birth family. His dream and ours was realized when he was adopted in 2010.

When I was a baby to 7 years old Amy Sholar protected me from my birth parents who had always been mean to me. It was a hard life. Especially because I was a baby. When I got to know her I started talking to her about my families. She always tried to protect me and make sure I was safe. I was always happy she was my GAL because she helped me stay with my adoptive parents.