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Family Law

When you need legal service, we’re in your corner. At The Law Offices of Amy Sholar & Kelly Stephan, we can assist you in any type of family matter. Some key areas range from divorce, custody disputes, guardianships, visitation, child support, parenting issues, maintenance, property allocation, pension divisions, QDRO’s or any family issue that may arise. As a result, it is important to have an advocate that will assist you during these difficult times.

In many cases, the parties can reach an amicable and efficient settlement of any issues. As a result, our office can assist in drafting the important documents that must be presented to the court. It is our goal to help families handle these cases with as little contention as possible.

However, if you face a contested custody matter, parenting issue, property division, maintenance or any type of important issue, you MUST have a seasoned trial attorney in your corner. Contact us today. When necessary, we fight for our clients and provide advocacy at trial.


In the State of Illinois, mediation is mandatory for people facing contested parenting issues such as custody, decision-making, parenting time and visitation. Because of this mandate, Amy Sholar handles a number of court appointed and voluntary mediation. The goal of mediation is to amicably reach a settlement that is in the best interest of families and children.


If you have lost a loved one, we can help you navigate the process of handling the persons “Estate”.  Many times that can be dealt with utilizing simple documents and other times we must navigate the court system.  Contact our office today so that we may assist you in the process.

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Providing client legal services in:

Madison County, Jersey County,  and St. Clair County. This includes communities such as Alton, Edwardsville, Jerseyville, Maryville, Troy, Collinsville, Granite City, Wood River, Belleville, Fairview, O’Fallon, Swansea, and Grafton.

Client Service

Our practice is built on the foundation of Client First.


We are dedicated to our clients’ needs, and we are fiercely loyal in protecting those needs.


Many times in our line of work, difficult choices and decisions are made. At all times, we vow to be honest in our assessment of the situation with the client. This ensures that clients have the working knowledge to make informed decisions.

Hard Work

Our work ethic is second to none. Each case is reviewed carefully and handled in a timely manner. Amy’s motto is, and always has been, “to win a case, one must work the file.” This vision holds true today.